Durable Concrete Coatings

Add appeal and protection to your driveway, garage floor, or other concrete with durable coatings. From epoxy coatings to decorative flake applications, we offer the right coating for your surface and your preferences. Concrete Coatings LLC also sells epoxy countertop kits if you want to improve the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom.

With concrete coating and overlays, you apply a layer on top of the existing concrete. This not only prolongs the life of any surface, but it adds personality to it. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, our company will provide guidance on how to install these products. The goal is to ensure you perform a professional-quality job that lasts a lifetime.

Epoxy Floor and Countertop Kits

There is no need to tear up your floors or remove your countertops. There’s a better way to breathe new life into your surfaces. By adding a layer of strong coating, we change the entire look of your room or outdoor space. More than simply paint, our epoxies and coatings are highly durable. In fact, they actually make the surface stronger. Your new surface will be protected from things like oil, salt, staining, and just about anything else that falls on it.